Personal Development Books

Karel Mazánek
3. 5. 2021

Lao C -Tao Te Ting

A major work related to personality cultivation.

Life as an endless journey, where depth and simplicity take precedence over superficiality and profitability. It is a key work of world philosophy and the most frequently translated Chinese text into Western languages.

The Analects of Confucius

Another work for lovers of timeless wisdom. For many years, these ideas were part of the Chinese school curriculum. Confucianism emphasizes morality, education and nature. It is enough to read the individual paragraphs at random to force a person to deeply reflect on his own life.

Learned Optimism – Martin E. P. Seligman

The name speaks for itself. Intuitively, we all knew that optimism helped. But the author of the book proved it scientifically. With the help of this book, you will be able to break down depressive thoughts, make better use of your potential, be more successful and, most importantly, be happier.

The Grapes of Wraith – John Steinbeck

Are you trying to do something and it’s still not working? One loss after another comes and you think you will give up? Similar considerations are solved by the heroes of this novel, with the difference that they never gave up in the end. USA, 1st pole. 20th century and the economic crisis. The family with all their possessions travels across North America with the vision of better tomorrows that still do not come. Even so, they don’t stop fighting.

If This is a Man – Primo Levi

What one can do filled with hatred and a sense of one’s own superiority is one thing. But what a person can do with faith in himself and determination to survive is another matter. A captivating story of human tenacity and a key testimony of a Auschwitz survivor that should never be forgotten.