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Source & Chill is a consulting company dedicated to the search of candidates for key management positions & related consultancy services in the field of human capital.

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Executive Search

Searching for a new employee for any organization is understood as a complex process where each part plays a key role in accepting the right candidate for employment.

It is our aim to search for and find as many high quality employees as your company needs. A successful search for the best candidate requires clearly defined procedures.

Talent Management

We are convinced that in order to succeed in the field of work, it is necessary to pay attention to a comprehensive knowledge of personality.

Source & Chill is certified for HOGAN's long-established and recognized psychodiagnostic methods HPI, HDS and MVPI, used by organizations around the world.


The goal of the Outplacement service is to actively support the client in the process of finding a new job. We provide clients with coaching to help them realize their value on the labor market.

The key is the evaluation of their previous experience and the definition of strengths and areas for development.

Our Partners


Our philosophy

We build long-term partnerships based on transparency and mutual trust. Our approach combines complexity with an emphasis on detail.

We believe in quality, openness and long-term development with a clear vision. In the needs of human resources organizations, we see clearly defined procedures which lead to success.

We keep our word

Collaboration with us is based on clearly defined goals and timing. We always reach mutual agreement within the set deadline.

We see the needs of organizations as our commitments. At the end of the contract there is always a satisfied client - which is the most important thing for us.

Power of human capital

Human potential is an essential component of social wealth. Not everyone is able to find it in course of their professional life, however. We believe that to discover it, it is necessary to see the meaning behind what we do.

At Source & Chill, through in-depth interviews, we discover the key attitudes and motives of the candidates on basis of which we direct their further activities in the labour market

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Extensive competencies in the corporate sphere

& Media

hardware & software vendors
system integrators
mobile operators

Global Consumer
& Retail

consumer clothes
luxury products
tourism & hotel
leisure & travel

Real Estate
& Industrial

real estate investors
real estate advisories


private equity
business consulting
leasing & rental

We are a highly experienced team

We have completed many successful projects in the Czech Republic and abroad. We constantly educate ourselves in the field of HR management and personal development.

Managing Partner

Mgr. Karel Mazánek

Karel participated in many successful projects in the Czech Republic and abroad. Clients of international corporations appreciate his partner-based approach and efforts to develop a long-term, strategic cooperation.

He graduated from the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University, having linked his studies to Department of Adult Education and Personnel Management as well as Department of Education. The cooperation with these institutions in the field of human capital is still ongoing , forming a base for his consultation activities.

His clients include leading international companies in the Technology, Private Equity, Financial Services and Real Estate sectors.

Karel is most often addressed within projects with international reach, especially in Europe.

In the long term, he has been focusing on effective interviews, especially on behavioral and performace-based interviews.
He is also certified for Hogan's psychodiagnostics.

Bc. Kristýna Mazánková

Kristýna has successfully gone through with projects in the Czech Republic and abroad in the field of Retail, IT, Real Estate and Fintech.
Clients choose her to fill positions in middle and senior management. Thanks to her experience in managing a company and leading larger teams, she is able to understand the needs of clients and fill selected positions with the most suitable candidates.
The ability to go in-depth when defining company culture, interpersonal relationships in the workplace and especially the needs of individual hiring managers completely sets her apart from the competition.
She prides herself with soft management skills and the ability to mediate contract negotiations.

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